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The finest source of Variety and Music Hall songs, comedy, music and monologues reissued on CD and mp3 is without doubt Windyridge Music Hall Records, run by William Clark. You will find all your favourites here, plus CDs devoted to more obscure artists such as Jenny Howard (the poor man’s Gracie Fields) and Dorrie Dean.


The British Music Hall Society has been going since 1963 and the site is a treasure trove of information, plus movie clips. The first President was our Don Ross, and the current President is comedian, actor and writer Roy Hudd. Produces a quarterly magazine for members, Call Boy.


If your taste is for Northern comedy – Formby, Sandy Powell and, especially, Frank Randle – then this excellent site is the one for you.


A superbly-designed and animated site devoted to the master of the funny walk.


Old Theatres magazine is a most worthwhile enterprise, and their site is colourful and busy:


There’s a fine site devoted to Variety’s favourite Irish tenor, Josef Locke, at


Keep Variety Alive is a brilliant Facebook group with more than 3,000 members, a mixture of old pros, circus folk, fans, academics and specialist writers. Highly recommended. Members often post fascinating archive material.



Some of the clips I use come from Graham Hoadley’s YouTube Channel at

Recent Feedback

Greg Butler


Thanks Stephen, Would be good to get your voice into the show – I can travel down and meet up with you when you’re on the mainland for an interview – my email is call (44) 01223872937



Hi Greg. Great idea – Sarony was a brilliant character and so multi-talented. I’m happy to help any way I can but I live in Dublin and in a couple of months I’ll be moving to the US for the best part of a year. I will be in the UK for three days from Oct 25th but in London and Winchester. If I can’t contribute directly, please feel free to use whatever you like from Voices of Variety – just give the site a mention. When you have a transmission date maybe you could let me know – I’m sure I can access Cambridge radio wherever I am. Best and hope all goes well – Stephen

Greg Butler


Hi Steven, we are about to put together a two hour radio show playing 78s and recalling the life and early career of Leslie Sarony, His 3 sons are all on board with the project as are a large number of 78s collectors and music hall enthusiasts – Is this a project that we could tempt you also to get involved with